You Don’t Have to Travel Far to Make Your Landscaping Exotic…Try Mexican Beach Rocks!

Attention all professional landscapers and backyard decorators: Mexican beach rocks are the specialty landscape stone trend that is sweeping the nation! This uncommon stone, providing an exquisite, superior look, has become one of the most popular in the country, and for good reason…

Also referred to as Mexican sea pebbles or Mexican ocean pebbles, Mexican beach rocks are worn smooth and handpicked from some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. Although they are typically a gray-black color that transforms into a more intense hue when wet, there is also a mixed variety which comes in mostly grayish-black with a hint of red.

Available in pebble, rock, stone and tile, Mexican beach rocks are also a versatile landscaping tool, providing an extensive array of outdoor design options that are sure to please even the most discerning eye.  Used as accent stone, ground covering and even seeding for exposed aggregate concrete, this unique stone can serve as a more ornate alternative to mulch. It can be used around decking, patios, pools and potted plants. Use it as a border in front of tall, exotic grasses or spread it on sloping ground to help prevent erosion. Create a Mexican beach rock walkway or tap into your artistic side and haphazardly arrange it to create your own Mexican beach rock panorama. It is also the perfect embellishment for water features and dry stream beds. 

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