Create Wonders in Your Yard with Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are a stand-out landscaping feature, adding interest and beauty to any yard or commercial property; and available in brick red, grey or black, they can also add a flourish of color to what might be an otherwise drab space.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, lava rocks offer a host of wonderful benefits, including permanence. Lava rocks work well when used as mulch because they are an inorganic material – meaning they will last longer than organic types of mulches.

An amazing protector of plants, lava rocks are porous so they allow for better drainage and preserve moisture within gardens. They maintain optimal temperatures by absorbing heat during the day and releasing it at night; and while they are adding an element of beauty to your landscaping, they also keep the weeds at bay.

Additionally, lava rock is also very easy to work with because it is lightweight – making transportation and maneuverability for landscaping a breeze!

Use lava rocks to prevent erosion in sloping gardens, as a colorful border for walkways, along decking, around pools, along the base of your home or commercial building, to beautify flower gardens and as mulch for your herb garden…the options are endless.

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