Do You Have Enough Trees?

It may seem like you have plenty of time, but February is the perfect month for tree planting planning, since the best planting season for trees is springtime (which starts in March). So let’s talk trees. Do you have enough?

How does fresh air, shade and beauty sound to you? That’s what trees provide, as well as a whole lot more! Trees can be a showstopper in any garden or interspersed throughout your landscaping, providing an air of regal beauty.

Speaking of air, trees are proven to improve air quality, filtering toxins and removing impurities. They can also intercept rainwater, aiding in soil absorption which prevents flooding, soil erosion and even extends much needed water availability throughout drier months. 

You can create a canopy with trees which doubles as a habitat for wildlife and a food source for birds and other animals…as well as for you if they are fruit trees! Trees are a lovely addition which can even increase your property value.

Trees can block unsightly items like your neighbor’s messy yard. They are a great source of shade, shielding you and your family from harsh heat and harmful UV rays. Strategically placed around your home, trees can even help you conserve energy by decreasing your air conditioning needs.

When you are planning your tree planting, don’t forget to plan a visit to Edgewater Yard Shop. Trees are evenly lovelier when they are surrounded with stone or mulch. Mulching with whatever products you choose will also help ensure the health of your new plantings.

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