Why Mulching Is the Best Way to Keep a Weed Free Garden

Weeds…the mere thought of them can keep you up at night. They can infiltrate gardens better than a well organized army can take a hillside. Every time your plants have a growth spurt, weeds seem to enjoy two, earning the potential to quickly overcome any garden.

Ah, but as does every villain (even many great superheroes), weeds have their nemesis. A weed’s is mulch…like Batman to the Joker…a virtual kryptonite of the plant world. Use a thick layer (Don’t be too shy.) of mulch for weed control at the beginning of the season and you will save yourself countless hours throughout the season.

The superpowers of mulch are many and each is highly desirable in its own right. Aside from keeping weeds at bay and making your yard look great, mulch helps keep soil moist – lessening the time you spend watering as well as helping your garden to remain drought-free. Mulch also keeps plants cool and can even help to eradicate pests and disease. This type of pest control is also way better than spraying poison in your yard, don’t you think?

For vegetable gardens, heavier mulches made of wood and stone (which are preferable for beautifying other types of gardens) can be a bit stifling to tiny veggie plants. You might choose lighter materials like grass clippings, straw, hay, pine needles, sawdust instead. Lighter mulching materials break down faster, so you will probably need to reapply them.

It’s best to mulch at the beginning of every season before weeds become established and then add a fresh layer at the end of every season. A nice, three-inch layer is optimal…just enough to keep weeds out and let nutrient-rich water in.

Remember, “A stitch in time saves nine!” For all your gardening needs, just visit the trusted landscaping experts at Edgewater Yard Shop.

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