How to Create a Tropical Paradise Right in Your Own Backyard

Do you sometimes wish for a place to escape and relax…an inviting oasis from which the most delightful dreams develop? Maybe you envision lush landscaping with a cozy seating area and all sorts of whimsical pleasures. No matter how big or small, you can convert your outdoor space into your own little piece of paradise with the right plants, landscaping, furnishings and all sorts of other fun elements. Just be careful. You may never want to leave!

Start by asking yourself who will be using your yard most. Is it usually occupied by family, children and pets or are you more of an entertainer? Consider how the answer to your question should affect your plan. 

Create lush landscaping by adding your foliage in layers – tall plants for shade, low lying ferns and dot with flowering plants to add pops of color and cheeriness. We’re lucky in Florida because we can choose from a great selection of exotic plants, such as begonias, orchids, palms, plumeria and gorgeous flowing vines. And remember that butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to bright oranges and pinks. 

Mix shades and add items like stone pathways, hammocks, a fire pit, trellises, bamboo edging, pretty pots and wind chimes to create whimsy and visual interest. Incorporate water features as small as a birdbath or as extravagant as a lagoon, koi pond, fountain or waterfall. Infuse with lighting for ambience and safety. Drape strands of white tea lights for romance, Tiki torches to keep things tropical or lanterns hanging from your trees for a bit of opulence. 

Now for the furniture. A Tiki bar is a nice tropical touch, as well as comfy seating accented with tropical patterns in bold colors like fuchsia and yellow or soothing seaside colors like blues and greens. Don’t forget some comfortable shade to protect you and your guests from the sweltering sun. I’m thinking thatched umbrellas!


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