DIY Projects You Can Do Right at Home with Our Large Rocks and Stones

Rocks are a timeless, versatile material that can add a unique, natural character to your landscaping. You can use large rocks to create a regal wall draped in vines or gorgeous large steps framed in lush foliage. Strategically placed rocks can line your walkways or flat rocks can BE your walkways. Beautiful, large rocks – painted or unpainted – can be placed on either side of an entranceway. You can even add a rustic fire pit made of rocks, surround your pool with beautiful rocks of differing shapes and sizes, add a water feature (a waterfall cascading over rocks) to your pool or create a fetching fence from stacked rocks. Wild plant rock gardens and stunning rock sculptures can elevate landscaping to another level as well. 

There are also a multitude of DIY projects for stones and pebbles that will suit a wide range of different types of properties and their owners. Need a perfect patio mat? Consider a river stone mat. Simply attach any color stones to a rubber mat with silicone. You can do the same with planters, birdhouses, placemats and tabletops! Then, if you are artistic, you can paint your stones with different themes, colors or designs. Paint ladybugs to place sporadically throughout your garden or create your own version of garden markers by simply painting your stones to look like the various vegetables you planted!

Edgewater Yard Shop offers rock-solid landscaping products and service for an affordable price, including an enormous variety of rocks and stones of course! Owner-operated, Edgewater Yard Shop has served East Central Florida for over 25 years.

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