Rain Gardens: What Are They and How to Make One

Would you like to make your own, personal contribution to the health of our planet? A rain garden can help you do just that! If you want to improve the environment and play an important part in cleaner water and healthier aquatic life and wildlife of the furry variety, here’s what you need to know…

Providing precious habitats for small animals, birds and even our cherished butterflies is not the only thing rain gardens can do. By increasing the amount of water filtering into the ground, rain gardens help replenish our drinking water supply. Plus, of course all the while rain gardens enhance our landscaping helping to make our property an oasis and our community a better place to live.

A rain garden is a garden which is typically planted in an area, such as a gully or a slope, which can easily collect rain. When you incorporate a rain garden into your landscaping schematic, water which would normally run off your property and gather pollutants along the way will instead enter the soil and filter through to the ground water supply in a much more pristine state.

Rain gardens also provide an added bonus because these areas on our property can create challenges for the growth of certain grasses and more delicate foliage. When you have a rain garden, you can ensure that those challenges are met with beautiful trees, bushes, grasses and flowers.

You can build your rain garden by planting more tolerant plants that are native to Florida’s climate extremes, such as ferns, swamp hibiscus, coastal plain willow, wax myrtle, buttonbush, elderberry, saw palmetto and grasses including love grass, muhly grass and cord grass. Trees that can flourish in rain gardens include Florida maples, sugarberries, sweet and swamp bay, cabbage palms and pond apples. Don’t forget to add a pop of gorgeous color with flowers! You can plant rain lilies, hydrangea, scarlet milkweed, everglade daisies, cardinal flowers, butterfly weed, blue flag iris, spider lilies and so many more!

We’re all excited to welcome a fresh, new season. You can make yours even better and brighter with a rain garden.  Just visit Edgewater Yard Shop for all your landscaping needs to shower your yard with beauty and purpose.

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