Garden Beds Can Help Keep Invasive Bugs off Your Plants

If your gardens are plagued by annoying and destructive insects and/or bothersome varmints, you may want to consider building garden beds. Aside from adding aesthetics to your home and yard that are easy on the eye, garden beds can be very beneficial to plants when it comes to protection from creepy crawlies of any kind. They can even help maintain nutrients in your soil and optimal irrigation and drainage for your plants.

It just so happens that this time of year – while you are cleaning, mulching and preparing your yard for the planting season – is the perfect time to build some garden beds. Plus, building planting boxes is easy (and buying them already built is even easier if you prefer)…

To build a garden bed, just make certain that your lumber is untreated, so that it doesn’t contain any toxins which can kill plants and harm people if you are growing vegetables or herbs. Cedar is a nice choice. Cut your wood to size. Then use galvanized screws to attach your boards so they won’t rust. If you are placing your planting box on the ground, you can use cardboard for a bottom to keep weeds out. If you prefer a raised garden bed, simply affix a wooden bottom to your frame and drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage. For best results, place a non-metal screen at the bottom of your planter to protect the wood and add a thin layer of small stones for added drainage before inserting your topsoil. 

Planting boxes are an easy, inexpensive and effective way to keep your plants thriving…and in Florida, that can be a wonderful thing! For garden bed supplies, including topsoil, stone and all your other spring clean-up landscaping needs, a visit to Edgewater Yard Shop is a good thing to consider as well.

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