It’s Springtime! Fun Plants to Plant this Year…

Spring is a lovely time of year, a time when butterflies break free of their cocoons and spread their wings. It’s also the perfect time for us to spread our wings in the garden, and there are tons of fun flowers that flourish during springtime in Florida to help us do just that!

Since we live in Florida, our choices range from tropical to subtropical plants. So many options, so little time! Here are just a few of the beautiful blossoms you can plant this spring…

Coreopsis delivers pink, red, orange or yellow blooms which are drought resistant, low maintenance and ideal for borders in full sun to partial shade. Well-draining sandy soil is fine for this pot of gold! Coneflowers have a similar appeal, but require direct sun and rich soil for best growth.

Gerber daisies will add a ray of happy sunshine to any Florida garden with rich, moist soil and full to partial sun. Snowbirds love Bolivian sunset bushes because they bloom from fall all the way through spring, producing vibrant orange blossoms against dark green leaves.

Sun-loving salvia produces blue, white or red flowers on plants which can reach two foot tall. If you prefer blue hues and you have gardens in the shade, evolvulus will yield gorgeous ocean blue blooms.

Portulacas are a colorful, low-maintenance bunch of flowers that thrive in warm weather climates like ours. Use them for a pop of color in window boxes, hanging baskets or even ground cover. Lilies also thrive in Florida’s hot and humid conditions and come in all colors of the rainbow.

For more tips and all your landscaping supplies, come see the garden experts at Edgewater Yard Shop this spring!

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