Cedar and Fleas

Did you read that blip on the Internet that said a squirrel in Colorado tested positive for the bubonic
plague – otherwise known as “black death”? Research has uncovered that, back in the day, the bubonic
plague was spread– not by rats, but by the fleas they carried.

Information on the Internet is not always true, but whether or not that Colorado news was a little
squirrely, you have to admit, fleas are a huge nuisance. Fleas will bother your animals. Then they can
infest your home and are nearly impossible to get rid of without potentially harmful poisons. Fleas may
even cause allergic reactions on you or your animals.

Here’s the good news. We all know how amazing nature can be and here’s a really helpful tip (courtesy
of nature) for flea season that might be news to you. Believe it or not, cedar chips get rid of fleas. That’s
right! Fleas are repulsed by the smell of cedar and will scramble to get out of Dodge if they come
anywhere near it!

So, if you have pets, this is your mission should you choose to accept it. Get a few large bags of cedar
chips and sprinkle them where your dog will be. It won’t hurt to do your whole yard, but don’t worry if
you have a big yard. If your dog spends his days out back, you can just place cedar chips in the area
where your dog spends most of his time. Then apply regular treatments there. If you mow that area, put
your cedar chips down first, so that you can chop them more finely with the mower.
If you want to get rid of fleas the natural way and you’re wondering where to get some cedar chips for
operation flea flicker, Edgewater Yard Shop always has cedar chips on hand…and a whole bunch of other
really cool landscaping stuff.

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