How Much Red Mulch Can Enhance Your Yard

Red, denoting love, is the color of passion. It exudes energy, excitement and a certain boldness that no other color can. Like things bright? Then why not tap your inner fire by adding red mulch to your landscaping plans this year? Red mulch is beautifully vibrant and complements a wide array of plants.

And red mulch is more than just a pretty face. Adding to the aesthetics of gorgeous landscaping schematics – maybe even to a greater degree than other colored mulches – red mulch can also reflect light, stimulating plant growth and strength. Tomatoes, in particular, appear to be exceptionally fond of this particular red mulch feature.

Whatever color or type of mulch you choose, savvy gardeners know that mulch will help you retain water and nutrients within your garden soil, so go ahead and mulch to your heart’s content! Just remember to give your plants plenty of breathing room and weed before you mulch. You’ll also want to clear out old mulch before gifting your gardens with a fresh, new mulch bed. 

Mulching fervently and correctly will pay off in large dividends – keeping weeds and bugs at bay, while helping more than just contrary Mary’s garden grow. For all your mulching needs, come see the landscaping experts at Edgewater Yard Shop. We’ll affordably keep you in mulch and a whole lot more!

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