Flowering Shrubs That Thrive in Full Sun

Florida’s sun can be harsh, but keep in mind that plants acquire their energy from sunlight with a little thing called photosynthesis (biology class flashback!), so there ARE some bushes that actually thrive in Florida’s full sun. 

Some flowering shrubs that have no fear of the hot midday sun include hibiscus, which produce gorgeous, large, tropical looking flowers and grow like Jack’s beanstalk! 

If you enjoy watching the graceful flight of butterflies in your garden, try planting butterfly bushes. These fragrant beauties offer blooms in a wide array of colors and the butterflies, as well as hummingbirds, may like them just as much as you! 

California lilacs will yield clusters of blue or white flowers; and rockrose, with cheery flowers resembling roses, will reach two to six feet tall.

If you like to play with fire, the flowering quince or fire bush showcases lovely bright orange or red blooms worthy of its nickname. 

Then there is the oleander, a glossy shrub of the evergreen variety with funnel-shaped white, yellow, pink or red blooms. Just be mindful of your choice of placement when you plant them because they can be toxic.

So don’t get snubbed by your shrubs. Plant some sun-loving bushes and just make certain that you keep them hydrated and place an adequate amount of mulch or stones around them to provide optimal drainage. Simply visit Edgewater Yard Shop for mulch, stone and all your other landscaping needs.

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