2021 Gardening Trends

As we all are incredibly aware, this year has been very different from those in the past. Our world seems to have tipped on its axis. In fact, everything seems to have taken a new direction…even our gardening trends.

Since the dawn of so much more school and work from home, we are definitely trending toward turning our garden areas into inspiring “classroom” and “office” settings.

And as we have spent more time at home, we have also spent more time outside our homes, coming up with more ways to beautify our outdoor living space. We are tantalizing all of our senses (not just our eyes) by adding aromatic layers in our gardens, with lavender, plumeria, gardenia and more.

We are taking the time to support our earth by remembering our pollinators and cultivating butterfly bushes and bird- and bee-friendly habitats.

Many of us are forgoing single pots of herbs and staked tomato plants to grow entire vegetable gardens to promote and maintain better health and for sustainability and affordability…all good ways to cope with issues of late.

Shopping online for seeds has also become popular, since it yields a much larger variety of vegetables and flowers than Home Depot or our local nurseries.

Plus, there has been a shift from formal gardens to more flowing, romantic gardens with trellises brimming with bougainvillea and lovely draping vines.

Whatever your gardening pleasure, feel free to stop by Edgewater Yard Shop to fill your landscaping needs.

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