Landscaping Tips from Edgewater Yard Shop

We’ve learned a lot of things about life this year, one of which is that our home should be a haven. In particular, you may want to consider a few upgrades to your yard to create your own private oasis, since investing in your landscaping can yield remarkable returns. So here are a few dos and don’ts that might be helpful…

Start on the outer edges, focusing first on fencing, trees and bushes for privacy and yard delineation. Once the larger peripherals are complete, you can begin to work your way in and everything else will more easily fall into place. Plus, this process enables you to work in stages, concentrating on certain areas as your budget and time allow. 

If you have a large property, you may prefer structured landscaping closer to your home and more of a flowing field, meadow-like appeal further away. Don’t plant your plants too close to your house, as critters and roots can uproot the enjoyment of your efforts; and don’t crowd your plants. Giving your plants some social distance will allow them to grow healthier too.

Also remember that indigenous plants will be easier for you to maintain and can be more beneficial to the environment. Native trees, plants and flowers require less fertilizer and pesticides and they can attract native and welcome pollinators, birds and butterflies.

Then have some fun. Choose from trendy kitchen gardens with raised vegetables, colorful flower beds, herbs or even edible flowers! And as Mom always said, “Don’t forget your greens.” Mix in some leafy green plants for a gorgeous, lush appeal.

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