Barriers Can Help Keep Weeds and Bugs Away

In these precarious times, many of us most likely wish we had a barrier between us and much of what is “out there.”  Barriers from germs can keep us from getting sick. You might also want a barrier between you and all the close talkers you know and maybe that guy with coffee breath at the office too. Oh yeah, and barriers can also keep unwanted weeds and bugs away!

Weed barriers, also referred to at times as landscape fabric, are excellent weapons to serve you well in your war against those pesky weeds and insects that threaten your beautiful landscaping efforts. Never fear, my friends, Edgewater Yard Shop is here!

Aside from all of the aesthetically appealing products offered at Edgewater Yard Shop, such as mulch in every color and made out of various materials, as well as stones in a delightful array of sizes and colors that will perfectly complement any property, as well as fill, top soil and basically everything you need to complete almost any landscaping job; yes, you guessed it, Edgewater Yard Shop carries weed barriers.

Weed barriers are an essential for preventing weeds and bugs from taking over your gardens, walkways and more; and while they reduce weed infiltration, weed barriers allow water, fertilizer and oxygen to flow through to your plants.

They are also simple to use. If you are planting a garden, first you just need to make certain the area is free of weeds. Weed barriers come in various sized rolls, so you unroll them to cover your garden area and cut slits through which your plants can grow. After planting, cover the weed barrier with one to three inches of mulch or stone. The mulch or stone will help hold down your weed barrier and maintain moisture. And, by the way, mulch and stone are also excellent barriers that will work toward eliminating unwanted weeds and bugs from entering any of your newly created sanctuaries.

The moral of this story is that weed barriers are extremely effective at keeping weeds and bugs at bay, so give yourself (and your yard) a break and pick up some weed barrier at Edgewater Yard Shop!

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