Looking for New Gardening Ideas for 2020? Monty Don Has the Solution!

Stumped about what to do with your yard? Let the personal gardens of Monty Don serve as an
inspiration! Monty Don, the British broadcaster and writer best known for his BBC gardening television
series – Gardener’s World, transformed his property from a mass of brambles and rough grass into the
gorgeous group of gardens it is today.
First getting to know his land and then planning and preparing accordingly, Monty Don nurtured the
ground and built fences to protect what would become his pride and joy. Then he began to plant…
At the center of it all is what he refers to as his jewel garden, full of the brash, bold colors of dahlias,
zinnias and other delicate flowers. His nearby cottage garden is a mingling of fruit trees, berries and
herbs; surrounded by masses of shrub roses; marked out by box hedging; and cornered with large Irish
yews. It is no wonder Monty Don was bestowed high honors by the Queen of England for his
horticulture acumen!
A tasteful vegetable garden, reminiscent of his childhood and serving well in his kitchen, is bursting with
life’s delicious pleasures. This decorative, edible garden is beautifully separated by hedged pathways.
Finally, there is Monty Don’s aptly named paradise garden with symmetrical beds and a water feature.
Citrus trees, soft grasses, elegant lilies and a variety of plants in the potted variety adorn this creative
endeavor, with a shady pavilion overlooking it all. Welcome to paradise.
If you are in need of gardening tips or materials, please feel free to visit the friendly and knowledgeable
landscaping experts at Edgewater Yard Shop for help creating your own piece of paradise!

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