Tried and True Method of Weeding: The Hoe

A garden hoe may not be what all the cool kids are using, but dollars to donuts you have an old hoe lying around and the garden hoe is a tried and true method for weeding.

We’ve all tried that other stuff, but who wants harsh chemicals around our kids or pets or labor saving gadgets that only manage to waste money and take up storage space. Heck, even powered cultivators have their downsides. They can damage roots and disrupt all that good stuff in our gardens like earthworms and soil structure.

Used properly, a garden hoe won’t cause damage to your plants and soil, it will allow you to easily work even oddly shaped gardens and it is easy to use. Just grab ahold of the handle and work the soil, skimming along to dislodge weeds along the surface as you go. If you do it right, the soil simply falls back into place. Walking backwards while you hoe, as long as you remain aware of your surroundings of course, is also a good idea because it keeps you from stepping on that freshly hoed soil. Plus, if you keep up with it every week or two so that the weeds don’t get too big and take over, hoeing really isn’t all that bad of a chore.

However, if you would like to keep all that weeding to a minimum (hoe or no hoe), visit Edgewater Yard Shop. Edgewater Yard Shop offers weed barrier material (also referred to as weed liner), mulch, stone, straw and shell – all of which help to control weeds and provide the added bonus of locking in valuable moisture.

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