A New Twist on Gardening

When it comes to making your garden grow, orange you wishing for more nutrients and less pests? Oranges are great for more than just a tasty, nutritious snack and America’s number one breakfast juice. Their peels can actually help create a garden with healthy soil, deter insects and they smell good too!

Perennials, flowers and vegetable plants tend to thrive with soil that is slightly acidic and orange peels are the perfect way to spike your garden soil with a little acid content. Simply mix shredded orange peels into your soil before you plant your garden and watch it grow! Orange peels contain a nice mix of nitrogen (which is extremely beneficial to plants), calcium, magnesium and other valuable nutrients to give your soil and plants a healthy boost.

Orange peels are also a natural pest repellent, especially for aphids and ants. So, if you are looking for a pesticide-free way to keep your garden insect-free, orange peels are the ticket! You can also place orange peels around your plants atop the soil for an added layer of protection.

Here’s another bonus: orange peels can also help keep animals out of your garden, they fend off mosquitoes and they attract butterflies. That is one winning trifecta!

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