March Is a Great Time for Yard Clean-up

It’s the time of year again. The change of season and promise of warmer weather makes it the perfect time for spring cleaning inside and out. While those gentle breezes may make you want to throw open those windows to air out your home as you give it a thorough scrubbing, cleaning up your yard before our next round of blooms is also an ideal undertaking this time of year.

Clearing your yard of debris not only gives it a pristine appearance, but it creates a blank slate with no hindrances which can, in turn, promote prolific growth. Additionally (and certainly no less important), lining your garden beds with a thick layer of mulch is like wrapping your gardens in a blanket which locks in valuable nutrients and moisture. Aside from showcasing some of the most beautiful spots within your yard, mulch will also serve as a layer of protection for your plantings.

Ridding your landscaping of yard debris such as the fallen leaves and dead branches, which can accumulate under places such as draping palms and other bushes and plants, will also help keep your yard free of snakes and pests. Those overgrown corners that need trimming and cleaning can provide excellent nesting areas and hang-outs for all sorts of unscrupulous varmints.

And, with affordable landscaping products including a wide array of mulch options and colors, Edgewater Yard Shop makes spring yard cleaning a breeze. So, feel free to March right over! See what I did there?

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