Love Letter to My Yard

My yard…Oh, how I love thee! 

Your scenic beauty continually astounds me and your peaceful essence rejuvenates and invigorates me. Your shady trees bestow the cool comfort I readily welcome during blistering hot summer days, your vibrant blooms cheer me and bring me pleasure and your gently swaying ornamental grasses grant me quiet calm.

I long to shower you with gifts, including mulch to make your gardens nutrient-rich and stones for your walkways to keep them weed-free. You deserve to be adorned in gorgeous river rock in every size that suits you, gifted your fill of fill dirt to build you up wherever you need lifting and bedded with dark, moist planting and top soils to keep your luscious layers fertile. 

Don’t ever worry, my love. You will never want for a thing. When the weather becomes harsh, I will protect you by covering your delicate areas with pine straw and I will keep you well-nourished with delicacies you crave such as Black Kow Manure.

Edgewater Yard Shop, serving homeowners and landscapers well for over 25 years, is owner-operated and of the honest, reliable sort. So, I promise to consistently shop at Edgewater Yard Shop to keep you happy and healthy…and also because I love their quality products at affordable prices. 

Plus, I know how you enjoy surprises, so surprise! I will also be requesting Edgewater Yard Shop deliveries because we fall within their rather large delivery area and it is so convenient. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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