Landscaping Themes

When planning your landscaping design, keeping your own, personal needs in mind can be extraordinarily beneficial. For example, if you like to entertain, you may aspire to achieve that eye candy wow factor with fountains, arbors, benches, lush grassy knolls and flowering vines; but don’t forget the fun factor that a bocce ball court or patio area for barbecuing and socializing can provide!

If you have children, consider including climbing structures or other playground equipment, stepping stones, a sandbox, sports area or even a maze. If your “child” happens to be of the furry variety, dog-friendly landscaping might include a specific area for exercising or training, such as an agility course. It should also include resting areas with ample shade and possibly a water feature, as well as, well…you know, an appropriate place to “go”.

If you like butterflies, you will love vibrant butterfly bushes, day lilies, lavender and other flowering plants that attract those pretty pollinators. If relaxation is what you are reaching for, you might decide on a Japanese Zen garden, with a bridge over a trickling water feature or koi pond, plus lanterns and stones.

Or, in these costly and somewhat unhealthy times, you may want to go organic edible and grow your own produce in raised garden beds and with herb gardens and beautiful, flowering citrus fruit trees.

You can even opt for a Mediterranean theme with gardens reminiscent of those in Italy or Greece; or add a putting green if you are an avid golfer. Your home and all that surrounds it can and should be whatever you desire.

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