Deer Repellent and Resistant Plants

While deer can be adorable, ethereal creatures that seemingly appear straight from the pages of our favorite children’s books, they can also cause damage resulting in costly headaches for both residential and commercial landowners and landscapers.

The good news is that deer can be deterred with plants and flowers that repel them or simply don’t appeal to them. While clover and kale may be tasty deer treats, there are numerous landscaping options that aren’t…

The pleasant fragrance of lavender repels a wide range of pests including deer, so you can definitely count that one a win-win for you! Deer will also steer clear of star jasmine’s heady scent; and bee balm also emits an aroma that deer don’t appreciate near as much as we do! Just be careful to keep your bee balm under control as it can become invasive if not kept in check.

Also not favored by deer is the zinnia, which is colorful and heat resistant, too; rosemary, which is easy to grow; sturdy wax begonias can also make a spring through fall showing; and marigolds, which will also provide blooms from spring to frost for you if you regularly deadhead them. The latter will also deter insects and who doesn’t want that?

The spider flower may deter deer, but hummingbirds and butterflies love it. Also a hummingbird and butterfly favorite, Carolina jessamine is a very pretty flowering vine.

Heat tolerant verbena is a lovely flowering ground cover option. Vinca is a nice bedding plant which not only deters deer, but can keep rabbits from annihilating your gardens as well.

Daffodils are another great deer deterrent and they provide the added bonus of multiplying for you over the years. If you prefer the prickly sort, the coneflower comes complete with a less than inviting spiny center.

Alliums have a strong onion flavor that deer detest, but this one can be toxic, so you’ll want to skip it if you have pets. However, chives can provide you with an oniony scent AND a nice addition to your baked potatoes!


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