Keeping It Social!

We all love the time we get to spend with our peeps and it’s good for the soul. Heck, research has even proven that people who socialize lead longer, more fulfilled lives; and after being cooped up for all that COVID stuff, it’s been really nice interacting.

That, my friends, is where social front yard landscaping comes in! We have indoor parties where everyone congregates in the kitchen and the holidays are coming up, so there will definitely be a lot of indoor socializing going on for that; but we live in Florida, so our outdoor socializing never has to stop…and we don’t have to keep everyone stuffed in the backyard anymore! Our front yards can be beautiful and welcoming, but we can also take advantage of the social front yard landscaping trends to make it even more than that. 

So, you’ve got your curb appeal. Now it’s time to transform your front yard into an outdoor space that screams social appeal, and you can do that by adding benches and other inviting seating areas which encourage interaction. Remember, you don’t have to overdo it. Just keep things simple and functional. For instance, two Adirondack chairs tucked into a shady nook or a bistro table under a canopy of tree branches draped in strings of white fairy lights would both do the trick. Additionally, strategically placed hedges and plants or bushes can help to maintain your privacy around your new seating areas.

If you’d like to make great use of ALL your outdoor space by creating a social front yard, don’t forget that you can get all of your stone, mulch and other landscaping supplies at Edgewater Yard Shop!

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