Great Plants for Privacy

Your yard should be your oasis…a little piece of heaven where you can kick back and enjoy the view. Sometimes the best way to do that is with some privacy…and while it is often said that fences make good neighbors, it can be cheaper and often much prettier when you plant a privacy border instead. 

Foliage, if chosen wisely, tends to grow fast in Florida. Here is just a sampling of some of the great choices you for your natural privacy screen:

Flowering plants are a wonderful addition to any yard and gardenias, with their fragrant, white, waxy flowers are an excellent option in Florida. Gardenias grow best in well-drained soil and enjoy part shade and part sun. 

Following that same flowering school of thought, why not plant a 20-40-foot high Bougainvillea border? This colorful flowering plant has a high drought tolerance and thrives in coastal areas.

Very popular Clusia, aka pitch-apple, offers fast growing thick foliage in the form of olive green shaped leaves. This popular evergreen privacy plant also blooms at night throughout the summer. One word of caution is that ample watering over the course of its first year is crucial to optimal growth.

Want a welcoming natural privacy screen for hummingbirds and butterflies? Try Bottlebrush, a colorful, drought and salt-resistant shrub which can grow up to 20 feet or Jatropha which, when planted in full sun, will yield vibrant flowering clusters year-round!

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