Elevate Your Landscaping with Raised Garden Beds!

Remember how Mom always used to remind you to make your bed? Well, you still should! Raised garden beds are a great addition to the backyard for so many reasons!

First of all, a raised garden bed can enhance the look and appeal of your yard, but it can also protect your plants from all sorts of critters – from the creepy crawly, disease spreading kind to the furry, destructive kind. 

Raised garden beds can also protect you by eliminating the need to bend over thereby making the entire gardening process so much easier on your knees and lower back.

Then there is the fact that the soil in a raised garden bed will heat up faster than the ground. What that means to you is you can plant earlier and later. You can also better control nutrients within your soil if it is contained within a raised garden bed.

Raised garden beds are versatile too! Build a triangular one in the corner of your yard. In fact, any shape or size will work. Start small with a half barrel or go huge with a raised garden bed running along the entire length of your fence. 

You can also tailor the height of your raised beds to your plants. For instance, deep rooting vegetables such as carrots need a deeper bed, while veggies like greens and berries don’t require as much height. You can also build your raised bed in tiers to accommodate both at once, which is pretty. Vegetables, such as cucumbers and squash which can drape their vines over the sides, are also visually appealing.

If you build your raised garden bed, just be sure to use rot and insect resistant lumber that has not been chemically treated, but you can make things even easier on yourself and just buy one. They even sell them on Amazon, and galvanized troughs make excellent instant raised garden beds too!

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