Edgewater Yard Shop: For All Your Landscaping Needs

Need to keep weeds at bay? Mulch comes in all colors and types at Edgewater Yard Shop, including designer red mulch, black mulch and brown mulch, cypress blend mulch, cypress chips and pine bark.

Need a pretty pathway made of stones in a lovely color that complements your home or a garden bed beautifully lined with stones (which can also solve your weed problems)? River rock, salt and pepper granite, limestone and washed shells for beachy appeal are all available at Edgewater Yard Shop.

How about the perfect landscaping product for leveling out your yard or for a thriving flower bed or vegetable garden? Planting soil, top soil, peat moss, clean fill dirt, paver base, patio base, white sand and red sand can all be acquired at Edgewater Yard Shop.

Need to keep new plants safe and warm? Pine mulch will help protect your plants from erratic temperature swings, help conserve soil moisture and, much like mulch and stone, it can keep weeds at bay. You’ll also find pine mulch at Edgewater Yard Shop. You can even pick up commercial grade weed barrier and edging at Edgewater Yard Shop.

Need it all delivered to your door? Edgewater Yard Shop’s delivery area includes Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Port Orange and most of Eastern Volusia County.

You need Edgewater Yard Shop for all your landscaping needs. For over 25 years, Edgewater Yard Shop has been meeting the landscaping needs of homeowners, contractors and commercial properties.