How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

The best way to eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their return is by maintaining thick, healthy grass. Weed infestation can be a sign of nutrient imbalance or other soil problems, so start with good soil. Fertilize and water properly to stimulate healthy grass growth. And then, believe it or not, the height of your grass can help you as well!

You need to cut your grass before it is too long to promote stronger growth, and keeping your grass height in check can eliminate weed seed heads. When grass is taller, it can shade and keep the ground cool, retarding weed seed germination. So you may guess (and you would be right) that there is a happy medium here.

Depending on the weather and your grass type, you may need to mow between 4-5 days and one or two weeks. For Bahia grass, you will want to keep it at about two-three inches. Ideal growth for Bermuda and Zoysia is one-half to one inch long. St. Augustine is best at about one to three inches.

For areas with mulch or stone, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Before spreading your mulch or stone, cover the bare ground with plastic or weed control fabric. This will either save you a bunch of time weeding or a bunch of money on weed killer.

When and if you use weed killers, timing is everything. For best results, apply in the early morning or early evening. Then mix only what you need because weed killers lose effectiveness quickly. You can spot kill, treat weed patches or spray your entire lawn, but be sure to read the directions carefully because some grasses, especially warm weather grasses, can be harmed by herbicides. You will also want to cover nearby plants with plastic before spraying to avoid overspray damage.

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