Do It Yourself Walkways Can Enhance Your Yard


Beautiful, naturally flowing paths fashioned from woodchips, stepping stones, flex edging or wood can help transform your backyard, garden or simple landscaping into a lovely oasis. Walkways can “anchor” gardens, draw the eye in a certain direction, lead toward what I like to call yard eye candy, like a fountain, pretty bench or wooded area, or link certain things, such as your front yard to the rear of your home or your deck to your pool area.

And walkways or pathways are functional and practical as well as beautiful. Want to walk from one end of your yard to another without getting your feet wet or dirty…or tripping? Walkways or pathways will take care of all that.

There are so many different options and looks from which to choose. There are preformed molds you can purchase to create your own cement walkway pieces from scratch, cobblestones that can make you think of an earlier time, modern and aesthetically appealing pavers, wooden pathways that come in a roll and are unbelievably easy to install and so much more.

Be careful though. There are some things you need to consider before installing your pretty pathway. You will need to consider how dry or wet the area in which you plan to place your walkway can get; and how compacted the soil is there. For instance, clay soil tends to be heavily compacted, while sandy soil is quite the opposite.

No worries! Come to Edgewater Yard Shop and let us put you on the right path toward a beautiful, do it yourself walkway.