Should You Mow When it is Raining Outside?

To mow or not to mow…that is the question. Here’s the answer. Grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but it definitely grows better when it is mowed on rain-free days…no matter where it is.

Before we delve into all of the reasons why your grass should not be mowed when it is raining, we should mention that commercial mowers are equipped with balloon tires and especially sharp, fast blades, so they can handle a rainy mow.

For residential mowers, that is far from the case. If you decide to mow in the rain, for whatever reason, you may end up with a badly cut lawn and, worse yet, ruts or dead patches. Here’s why:

  • When it rains, the weight of the grass bends blades over, and because your grass will not be standing up straight, it’s hit or miss, and you just can’t get a good cut.
  • When it pours, and the rain is substantial enough to soak the roots, your mower wheels can uproot your grass and leave ruts.
  • Wet grass can also stick to mower blades and your mower’s undercarriage. If that grass gets thick enough, it can slow blade rotation and impede the ability of your mower.
  • Many mowers have mulching capabilities, sucking up dry grass and cutting it into tiny pieces. This doesn’t work with wet grass, and wet grass left in clumps on your lawn can kill the grass underneath.

So let’s cut to the chase. Bottom line is that you may want to stick to the “rain, rain, go away” mantra if it’s time to mow.