Snake Repellent Plants

Some insects and snakes are good ones. They can pollinate our plants and keep the poisonous varieties away, respectively. I, personally, can never remember which color stripes in what order indicate a poisonous snake and I know for a fact that my dog isn’t too discerning. Either way, if you’re not much for creepy crawlies and slithering snakes make you want to jump out of your skin, never fear. There are some pretty effective things you can do to keep those side-winding serpents out of your yard. 

You can buy snake repellents at your local Home Depot or online at Amazon. To be frank, some work pretty well and some are not so useful. Alternatively, you could sprinkle ground cloves (believe it or not, one of the main ingredients of some of the more efficient snake repellent products). Your yard will smell a bit like a pumpkin pie and, although both of these precautions can help, they can also be washed away by a brief rain shower.

A longer lasting way to keep snakes away from your yard is with plants. Snakes hate the smell of marigolds, lemongrass, (If you like to cook Italian style-with fresh herbs, you’ll love the next two…) basil and garlic. Mums even emit a chemical which is deadly to snakes. So, if you don’t want a pet hawk or eagle, planting those snake repellent plants can be a nice option.

Also try to keep your yard clear of any accumulating leaves or other debris and trim low palm branches where snakes like to lounge – being careful to wear closed-toe shoes and to first shake those branches so you don’t find an unwelcome surprise.

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