Edgewater Yard Shop Testimonial

I’m not just a blog writer for Edgewater Yard Shop. I’m a loyal customer, and here’s why…

Ever since we moved to New Smyrna Beach about ten years ago, we heard great things about Edgewater Yard Shop. So, when we cleared our backyard and began to get ready to prep our gardens, we decided to check them out. Just like their website says, they have an amazing selection of landscaping supplies, from all types and colors of mulch to some very cool stone options in all sorts of sizes. The vibe there is really friendly too. They are a family-owned and operated shop and everyone is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

The first time we set foot in there, we ordered a truckload of river rock. We had never done anything like that before, but they made things so simple. They showed up exactly when they said they would and, to make it all easier for us to handle, they even dumped it on a tarp we had. Plus, it may have weighed tons, but it sure didn’t cost one! We keep going back whenever we need something for our yard. In fact, we recently picked up 40 bags of medium river rock. So pretty and such a hassle-free experience.

When I called just to make sure they had what we wanted, Alli answered and quickly set our minds at ease. She is so nice. They all are. And even though it was their busy season and landscapers are whipping in and out of there, Ed made sure he had a whole pallet ready to go for us. Their experienced equipment operators expertly loaded it within minutes. My husband said that was his favorite part…that and the fact that he never had to touch a thing!

It’s a real whirlwind of activity there, but nobody waits long and you can get as little or as much as you need. For instance, the lady behind us got six bags of mulch loaded into her SUV and several landscapers showed up for much larger loads in the short time we were there. We really love that place, and you can be sure we will keep going back for plenty more!


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