Trees That Can Make a Mess of Your Yard

We all strive to keep our landscaping looking great with consistent cleaning, pruning and planting. Just be careful when choosing the trees you plant in your yard because some can do more harm than good!

Very possibly the biggest woe with tree planting, is that the root systems of both weeping willows and mulberries can ruin lawns, pavement and even underground water and sewer pipes!

Then there is the mimosa misfortune. While it produces pretty flowers, they are short-lived. What you are left with, long-term, are ugly brown seed pods; and don’t forget the mimosa tree’s knack for inviting unwelcome insects!

Plus, wait until you hear this one…The Bradford pear produces flowers that stink like fish and if that’s not enough to repel you from this purchase, their huge, thorny seedlings will litter your yard!

The bougainvillea is lovely, but messy and invasive, capable of overtaking yards and fences in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Sycamores, which grow fast to produce much appreciated summer shade, are also messy and will easily fill your rain gutters and create piles upon piles of leaves in your yard.

Another tree offering a dense canopy of leaves is the magnolia. However, these trees can grow far too big for the average yard, crowding soil space and creating so much shade that nothing can grow nearby. 

This is a “fun” family because the tulip magnolia offers even more “entertainment” as host to leaf eating aphids that can seep sticky messes on your patio furniture, car and more.

Can you say crikey? For more information on the best plantings and landscaping supplies for a healthy, beautiful yard, feel free to stop by Edgewater Yard Shop.

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