Something Bugging You?

Flies, gnats and mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but they can also spread bacteria and diseases by simply landing on us and the surfaces we touch. In addition, they can put quite a damper on that epic outdoor picnic or barbeque by contaminating our food and playing an instrumental role in the contraction of Salmonella and E. coli.

So, how do you keep insects at bay? You can use bug sprays or treat your lawn with poisons to deter pesky bugs, but – better yet – you can landscape with plants that rid your yard of unwelcome pests!

An excellent two-for-one option is to plant an herb garden with rosemary, which is a tasty addition to roasted chicken; basil, which is delicious atop a caprese salad and sage, which can also just be spread in its dried leaf form to deter flying insects.

Certain strong smells can deter flies, gnats and mosquitoes too, so consider planting mint and lemongrass, which actually smell quite nice to us humans. Lavender is a pretty option. Garlic works too!

Marigolds are always a great option to keep bugs away from any garden or patio area; and if you happen to have kitties, catnip will not only help keep unwanted flying pests away, but it will make your cat ecstatic!

Don’t forget to top your gardens with mulch to retain moisture and deter weed growth; and you can get that in a variety of colors and choices at Edgewater Yard Shop. 

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