Rocks Can Make All the Difference: Using Rocks for Landscaping

We may not always think about it, but rocks can add an entirely new level to our landscaping – a unique
visual element with different, interesting textures and shapes. Landscaping rocks can help you create a
natural oasis – a majestic backdrop to cascading flowers in your flower beds or a dramatic water feature.

Rocks can create beauty, depth and height in ponds. They are often used to build walls that are used in
place of fencing. They can also be used in place of mulch just to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your

Landscaping rocks have very functional uses as well. They can define edges on walkways or patios and
be used to prevent weeds from growing around pools, hot tubs, patios, decks or paths. They can divert
water away from foundations and into creeks or other waterbeds. They also can help to keep soil in
place and prevent erosion on sloping ground.

Landscaping rocks come in all sizes and colors. You can use anything from beach pebbles, to river rocks,
to flagstone, to boulders, and get them in a more natural buff color, brown, black, yellow or gray. Some
rocks even come with pink or blue tints.

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