Gardening Can Improve Your Mood…Among Other Things

Gardening is proven to make you happy. It can actually ward off depression and unhappiness. A Gardener’s Magazine poll even reports that 90% of gardeners feel that gardening improves their mood, and 80% of gardeners polled were satisfied with their lives – as opposed to a 67% life satisfaction rate among non-gardeners.

Scientific research at a number of universities shows that “engagement with green places” is good for personal mental and physical health. Gardening certainly falls within this category, and it is an activity for all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. They also say that gaming/computing is the number one pastime, but gardening (tied with walking and running) came in second.

Some theorize that the serenity gardening can create comes from several things…the joy of nurturing something; a natural optimism that life can emerge from an otherwise barren piece of land ; and the fact that gardening keeps you busy and active. It’s very good exercise for the mind and body, and it nurtures the soul.

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