Planting: March 1st Rule of Thumb

Just as Goldilocks prefers, you don’t want to plant your gardens when it is too hot or too cold. So an excellent time to start your plant and flower gardening in Central Florida is early spring. Figure approximately March 1st for vegetable planting too!

Grass planting should also follow the March rule of thumb, so that it can become healthy and firmly rooted before the possibility of any harsh summer weather. You also want to dethatch or aerate your lawn in early spring or fall. Thatch is the layer of dead turf that develops as part of the natural growth process of your lawn. When it is kept under a half an inch, thatch is beneficial, providing nutrients, protecting your grass and keeping soil moist. When thatch becomes too thick, moisture can’t reach the soil and healthy grass growth can be impeded. Please note: If you decide to wait for fall, just be careful to dethatch your lawn early enough that it has time to re-establish itself before any impending frost.

So what about trees? While it is best to plant deciduous fruit trees in January, when they are dormant so that they have ample time to establish their roots before the dry season; other trees can be planted year-round in Florida. However, you may want to keep that March rule in mind for trees too because faster tree growth is best supported in the spring.

Since we are talking about timing, you may want to get started in your pruning now (February is an excellent time to prune.), because pruning shrubs is best before any new growth begins.

Don’t forget that Edgewater Yard Shop is open all year long to provide you with the landscaping essentials you need to help your garden…and your grass…and your trees…and your shrubs grow!


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