Gardening Trends for 2022

A large percentage of people have reported spending more time gardening over the last couple of years, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With these expanded gardening efforts come a bunch of interesting variations to meet all sorts of budgets and lifestyles…

Eco-friendly Gardening – The environmentally conscious are doing their part by planting gardens that have a positive impact on the environment, including planting native vegetation to help enrich the soil, planting plants that help to improve soil drainage and minimize erosion and creating gardens that attract pollinators and, subsequently, bolster our valuable honeybee population.

Gardening with Your Kids – Also, recently, parents have become even more expert at coming up with inventive ideas to keep our kids busy; and gardening is an activity that can be both educational and fun. It can also provide our children with a respect for nature.

Gardening in Small Spaces – Although most of us like to garden, not all of us have the space for it, so there are those of us who have come to realize that you can garden with very little time, money and space invested. For instance, a potted tomato plant on a trellis will fit very nicely on a sunny patio or balcony and your favorite herbs – like basil, parsley and oregano – can all be placed in one shallow pot for a winning trifecta!


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