A Helping Hand from Edgewater Yard Shop

I love that the chaotic cacophony created by the birds in Florida makes my backyard sound like a tropical oasis, that the bright colored flowers that flourish in Florida make my garden pop and that the extended growing season enables my plants to become lush and full. 

With all that going on, the only thing left is to landscape my yard so that the stone and mulch make it look clean and the rich topsoil offers a growth sanctuary for my plants, flowers and trees. So, at least twice a year, I take a trip over to Edgewater Yard Shop – my favorite landscaping material supply stop. 

Edgewater Yard Shop has everything you need to make your garden grow…and your yard beautiful. Aside from stone, pebbles and rocks in all sizes and a variety of colors that will make you weep; choose from cypress chips or mulch, pine bark, black mulch, brown mulch or designer red mulch. There are washed seashells, as well as fill dirt, paver base, top spoil, planting soil, peat moss, pine straw, weed barrier, edging and more!

And, because Edgewater Yard Shop team has deep roots here, they possess an unwavering commitment to this community and deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Family owned and operated for over 25 years and Hometown New Readers’ Choice for landscaping supplies, Edgewater Yard Shop provides reliable services and top quality products to homeowners, contractors and commercial property owners throughout East Central Florida.

Stop by the convenient Edgewater Yard Shop location on U.S. 1 to browse through the amazing inventory or call at 386-427-7383 for more information. 

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