Various Uses of Rocks and Stones in Your Landscaping

Want landscaping that rocks? Think pavers, river rocks and stepping stones. Adding different types of rocks and stones to your landscaping can up your yard game to a whole new level!

Imagine a pathway of stepping stones that lead to a small bridge or an ornately crafted wrought iron bench. The bridge could lead to a lavish tropical garden at the edge of your yard, one edged with stones that add a unique natural beauty to this particular area of your yard. The bench, and its urns of cascading flowers on either side, could sit upon a circle made of stone pavers.  

Or give this a little thought…pavers come in a wide array of colors and styles, and can create a gorgeous patio surrounding your pool or a lanai that spans the length of your home. Pavers in light desert sand or burnt terracotta look great against stainless outdoor kitchen appliances and pretty patio furniture.

Fill your flower beds with pebbles and smaller stones instead of mulch for a meticulously landscaped look and to eliminate the threat of weeds. Line those gardens with slightly larger stones in colors that complement your house. Rocks and stones also add a nice, natural appeal around pools and ponds.

Small stones can also create beautiful meandering walkways or a pathway to your door; and pavers can transform a boring cement driveway into an entranceway that make an entrance.

So if you find yourself between a rock and a hard place with your landscaping, check out Edgewater Yard Shop’s enormous selection of various rocks and stones. It will change your ho-hum landscaping plans into something rock solid!