A Pond Is a Wonderful Accent to Your Yard

Imagine lillypads floating atop a pond swirling with the stunning patterns of koi and beautiful birds bathing on river rocks at its edge. A pond adds an element of serene, natural beauty to your yard and can even increase the value of your property.

To transform your property into a tranquil setting with a water garden, you will need a few landscaping materials. A layer of sand between the soil and pond liner will help to protect your liner from sharp stones or roots in the ground. Sand can also be used in the shallow parts of your pond to provide sure footing for wildlife, as well as to ensure that surrounding edging materials are secure.

Pond edging can be created from a variety of materials. Small river rocks in layers are a nice touch, large boulders create a more dramatic look, and a mix of both with plants can add dimension to your natural oasis. Raised edging can give your guests and visiting critters a pleasant place to perch. You could also edge your pond with pavers, which create a more architectural look and come in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes. Pavers can also be extended to construct a patio for seating or dining beside your pond.

So, if you are considering taking the aesthetic appeal of your yard up a notch by adding a pond, give Edgewater Yard shop a visit. We have everything you need for your next landscaping project.