DIY Walkways with Stone or Rock

I can personally attest to the fact that adding a do-it-yourself walkway with stone or rock is an easy, inexpensive way to heighten the appeal of your landscaping. Stone walkways are a delightful addition from your patio to your pool or from your driveway to your front door; they can lead to a lovely garden or seating area; and they can add functionality by making it easier to traverse your yard and help eliminate any dirt tracking into your house.

If you are looking for gorgeous stone or rock at an exceptional price, you should check out Edgewater Yard Shop. They have rich, burnt sienna; bold, red lava; pretty palmetto green; gray granite; river rock in all sizes and colors and so much more!

If I can digress for just a moment, I would like to let you in on my own personal experience with Edgewater Yard Shop. My family and I recently decided to get a bunch of river rock delivered to enhance our landscaping efforts at our New Smyrna Beach home. So, since I have become very familiar with Edgewater Yard Shop’s extensive selection and exceptional reputation for customer service, I suggested we purchase our river rock there.

Let me first just say that they are some of the nicest people on the planet, and our entire experience was completely effortless…and I’m not just saying that. Truth be told, I never had to tell a soul about my encounter there. I was just so pleased that I wanted to. 

Here’s how it went. We stopped, we were given an excellent price for a truckload, and we scheduled a delivery. Delivery was on time and delivered exactly how we requested. We were so happy with our landscaping project and Edgewater Yard Shop that we went back to get a few bags of river rock for one of our gardens. By the way, if you are wondering, purchasing stone or rock by the bag at Edgewater Yard Shop is very cost-effective as well. 

So, go ahead and rock your world, because Edgewater Yard Shop rocks!