Different Types of Mulch

Mulch has a host of benefits. Of course it can prevent the germination of weeds, but it can also protect the soil from extreme temperatures which can damage root systems. Mulch keeps soil damp longer after it rains, which can help tremendously during dry periods. It can also keep soil from compacting in heavy rains, and it helps retain oxygen in the soil. A circle of mulch around trees and shrubs can help protect them from trimmers and mowers. Mulch can also help prevent water run-off and erosion. It is beneficial to earthworms and ground spiders that help to control harmful insects. Some mulches even contain scents to ward off pesky rodents and cats.

There are several types of mulch – each with its own appeal. Organic mulch can be made from any number of natural items, including bark, lawn clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, straw, or pine needles. It decomposes over time, adding valuable nutrients to the top layer of soil. Bark mulches come in nuggets or shredded, break down slowly and are less likely to blow away than organic mulches. Finally, synthetic mulches, which are less commonly used mulches that are made from recycled rubber or plastic, resemble wood chips and can last up to ten years. Some variations also contain slow releasing herbicide to further protect against weeds.

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