Add Planting Boxes to Your Garden and Landscaping

Increase your gardening success and beautify your landscaping with garden boxes! With a box garden, you can ensure that essential fertilizers and other soil nutrients are not washed or blown away. Garden boxes will keep your soil well drained; and they will help keep your garden free of pests, including creepy crawling plant eaters as well as small animals. Plus, raised gardens can reduce the amount of stress you put on your back while gardening.

Aside from all that garden goodness, planting boxes can be very visually appealing, adding yet another interesting layer to your landscaping. Planting boxes can cover as much or as little ground as you like and you can make them as tall as you want. Just remember that the taller you make your planting box, the more soil you will need; and the more soil (Soil will add pressure and weight to your box.) you use, the sturdier your box should be built.

So, go ahead and think outside of the box…or, in this case, inside the box too! For more landscaping tips, feel free to contact the landscaping experts at Edgewater Yard Shop or stop by our convenient Dixie Freeway location and browse through our high quality and affordable inventory including edging, pebbles, crushed granite, stones, river rocks, shells, base, topsoil and fill dirt, as well as a wide array of mulch, bark and chips in a variety of types and colors.