To paraphrase the famous Robert Frost poem, the path you choose in life can be very important. It can also be important for your yard. Let me explain.

Walkways and pathways can be a creative and innovative way to enhance your yard. And we all know that enhancing your yard can lead to enhanced enjoyment for you, your family and guests, as well as enhanced value for your property.

Just imagine…you decide to place a bench at the end of your yard where there is a beautiful view. It would be a nice touch to plant pretty flowers in decorative pots on either side of the bench, but the piece de resistance would be a winding pathway that leads to your new peaceful retreat.

It’s also a great idea to have walkways that lead from your home to your patio and/or pool area. Aside from adding pleasing aesthetics to your home, you will eliminate any dirt tracking, as well as keep bare tootsies much safer than if they were trekking through the yard.

Walkways can also add panache to your entrance. How much more inviting would it be to have a walkway made of beautiful pavers leading to your door? Walkways can also lead to your outbuildings, a pond, garden and so much more. So, when you want to creatively enhance your yard, consider adding a walkway or two!